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Common Myths and Misconceptions About Vehicle Hail Damage, Busted

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Severe storms can wreak serious havoc, especially on exposed vehicles. Hail can easily pummel small dents into your hood and might even break your windshield.

When hail damage is spread across the entire vehicle, the costs to repair or replace the dented panels can be shocking. But the good news is that there are many misconceptions about hail damage repair and one of them is that your insurance won’t cover you.

To help clear the air about vehicle hail damage repair, let’s determine if there’s any truth to some of the most common myths.

Myth: Your insurance doesn’t cover hail damage

Comprehensive auto insurance plans cover extreme weather damage including hail damage when it impacts your vehicle. But there’s a catch.

Some insurance companies don’t allow you to purchase a comprehensive auto insurance plan right before extreme weather is expected to hit. This is meant to protect the insurance company from having to make large payouts after every severe storm.

If your insurance covers your hail damage, look for a paintless dent removal shop that works with your insurance. Just obtain a claim number and then bring your vehicle into the paintless dent removal shop for a consultation.

Myth: Hail damage is easy to fix

Hail damage is frustrating to deal with, especially because it’s always unexpected. To make matters worse, in extreme cases hail damage can even total your vehicle if it’s extensive enough.

Paintless dent repair can take the dents out of your car’s surface to make your vehicle look like new. But a PDR technician can’t repair the any underlying structural damage that hail can sometimes cause under the hood. Make sure to have a mechanic and an insurance adjuster take a look at your vehicle before you consider whether or not the damage will be worth fixing.

Myth: Hail damage can’t be repaired without hurting your paint

The last thing you want to do when your vehicle already has hail damage is to damage your paint job trying to repair the dents and dings the hail left behind. That’s why it’s not recommended to DIY your own hail repair.

A professional paintless dent removal shop can repair the hail dents on your vehicle without damaging your paint or putting your car at greater risk for more damage. In addition, the quality and durability of vehicle paint has improved dramatically over the years, making professional repairs significantly easier.

Need small dent repair for your vehicle?

Paintless dent repair is the most effective and efficient way to repair hail damage on your vehicle. Paintless dent repair is a methodical process that only takes about two hours (depending on the severity of the damage) to get your car looking like new again.

For more information about how paintless dent repair works or to schedule your own hail dent removal, contact Dent Shop today.

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