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5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Car from Hail Damage

hail damage

As much as we might like to, none of us can truly predict the weather. That’s why it’s so important to know how to protect your vehicle from hail damage if you live in an area that experiences frequent or severe hail storms. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to preparing your car for a hail storm, here are five protection tips to consider.

Invest in a Covered Carport

If you have off-street parking but there’s no garage on your property, now may be the time to make an investment in a covered carport. While it might not offer as much security as a garage, it’s a worthwhile way to keep your car safe from the danger of sustaining hail damage. And of course, if you already have a garage, make parking your car inside a habit. Whether you’ve checked the forecast or not, this simple change in where you park your car can save you a whole lot of money, time and peace of mind down the line.

Have Blankets or a Car Cover Handy

In the event that you have no form of covered parking on your property, there’s a simple solution that you can even keep in your car: blankets! In the event that a hail storm is on the horizon, some protection for your vehicle is better than no protection at all. So if you have a few thick blankets at the ready in your car at all times, you can avoid the brunt of dents from hail. Another option is a car cover – a more durable, padded blanket specifically for covering vehicles. Car covers can come in many varieties and sizes, with some offering more padding or waterproof protection. Either way, it’s advisable to cover your vehicle if you cannot find a parking structure nearby.

Make Checking the Weather a Habit

The best form of protection is prevention. If you leave the house without checking the weather, you could be caught unawares with some serious vehicle hail damage upon returning to your vehicle. To avoid that problem, it’s a good idea to make a habit of checking the forecast before you leave the house for the day. Not only can it help you protect your car, but it can also remind you when to bring an umbrella to protect yourself. If you can delay an errand to avoid a storm with the potential of producing hail, it’s often best to stay home if your vehicle is most protected there.

Check Your Work Parking Options

Unfortunately, you won’t be at your house all day, every day. In the event that you’re at work while a hail storm hits, you could be facing some severe hail damage without a lot of options. If possible, talk to your employer about your covered parking options. It’s possible that your employer will pay for parking garage fees if you live and work in an area that sees frequent hail storms and hail damage. If not, it may be worthwhile to check your covered parking options near your workplace in order to reduce your risk of expensive hail damage.

Invest in Comprehensive Car Insurance

When you live in an area that sees frequent hail storms, having a comprehensive auto insurance policy is a must. The average vehicle repair cost depends on the extent of the hail damage, and can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair. It’s beneficial to make sure your insurance company can cover at least part of your hail damage repair costs. Comprehensive policies extend coverage beyond collisions to include acts of nature such as vehicle hail damage.

Preventing hail damage can take many different forms. If you live in an area that sees frequent or severe hail storms, make sure you’re taking these preventive steps to protect your vehicle from hail damage and your wallet from taking on the full brunt of repair costs. While prevention is key, you can still be caught in a hailstorm unexpectedly while out driving. If your vehicle sustains hail damage, contact us today at Dent Shop for a free estimate, stellar customer service, top-notch repairs and insurance claims assistance.

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