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4 Factors That Determine Paintless Dent Repair Costs

According to industry experts, up to 90% of automobile dents can be repaired with paintless dent repair techniques. Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is a paint-free method of repairing minor automotive damage when the car’s paint surface is still intact. Most commonly used to repair vehicle dents caused by hail damage, paintless dent removal can also handle bodylines dents, minor dings, and even some larger dents. PDR dent removal can be carried out on both steel and aluminum vehicle panels.

Car dent repair helps return your vehicle to its original state, and charges depend on the extent of damage, as well as how long the dent removal process takes. To best estimate your paintless dent repair cost, your auto body shop will likely consider these four factors.

Dent Size

It’s typical for your paintless dent repair cost to increase as the size of the dent goes up. Dent sizes are typically categorized by comparing them to coins, including dime, nickel, quarter, and half-dollar sizes. The smaller the dent, the easier and quicker it is to return to its pre-damaged state.

Dent Depth

The depth of a dent can be categorized not only by size but also by shape, and this can vary depending on how the dent was made. For example, a piece of hail dropping onto a vehicle causes a different type of dent depth and shape than damage taken in an automobile accident. The degree to which the dent is deep and uneven can impact how much time it takes to remove the dent, which can, in turn, affect the paintless dent repair cost.

Dent Location

Because of the degree of difficulty in removing dents in certain areas of a vehicle, dent location is another factor that can impact your paintless dent repair cost. Some dents are easy to access and can be fixed quickly, but others are often found in hard to reach areas that require more extensive tools and attention. Additionally, dent damage that is located closer to the edge of a panel also takes more time and precision to remove and therefore costs more to repair. On the other hand, dents located in the middle of a panel with no bracing behind them may be repaired for a much lower price.

Number of Dents

Another factor that determines paintless dent repair cost is the number of dents on the automobile. For example, if your vehicle has experienced severe hail damage, then it’s likely to have multiple dents in need of repair. If the dents are localized or occur in the same area, costs may be lower than in cases where multiple dents are located in very different areas around the car. As the amount of dents increases, particularly if they are not found in the same basic location, so will the cost, since more time is required to repair multiple damaged panels.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, between 2008 and 2014 in the United States, more than $7 billion in hail damage claims were paid out to insured drivers. Whether from hail, minor accidents, or other weather events, dent damage is a common concern for all drivers. PDR dent removal is a popular solution that can return your car to its pristine state without using paint or fillers. It’s a convenient option whether you’re in need of small dent repair or something more extensive like bodylines dent removal. Though prices can vary depending on the dent itself, it’s helpful to know that your paintless dent repair cost is influenced by factors including size, amount, location, and depth.

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