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3 Reasons to Handle Hail Damage Immediately

Minor hail damage may not seem like a great cause for concern, at least to uninformed vehicle owners. However, there are three major reasons to have your vehicle hail damage repaired as soon as possible. Let’s explore those reasons as well as your best option to repair the hail damage promptly.

Your Insurance

As for-profit business enterprises, insurance companies adhere to strict insurance policies – don’t invalidate or reduce your payout by waiting too long to file a claim.

For one, if you are in an accident after hail damage occurred to your vehicle, that past damage is considered preexisting. In other words, the insurance companies may not pay to repair the past hail damage done to your vehicle. In addition, the cost of hail damage repairs combined with collision repairs may be greater than what your vehicle is worth. In this case, rather than paying for your vehicle to be fixed, the insurance company may prematurely total your car, and cut you a check for its current damaged worth. Furthermore, since claims are slow to be paid out, waiting on your insurance company to respond to your hail damage claim can lead to issues if more damage occurs while you wait for repairs. Insurance is already expensive, costing $889.01 nationwide, according to the NAIC. There’s no reason to let that coverage go to waste by avoiding repairs for your hail damage.

The Value of Your Vehicle

It’s true that traditional dent repair methods can lower the value of your vehicle, but there’s a much better option for repairs. Traditional repairs are a cosmetic solution to the dents in your vehicle, and as a result, end up on your CARFAX report, negatively impacting the resale value of your car by thousands of dollars. (Keep in mind that forgoing repairs altogether also significantly reduces vehicle value and poses additional problems.) A more modern method, paintless dent repair, can be utilized to fully repair the hail damage while actively restoring your car’s value. Not to mention it’s also a much faster and more cost-effective repair solution, which means you may not need a loaner car while you await repairs. Restoring the value of your investment (and often, your primary mode of transportation) is crucial, which is why you should not wait to get your vehicle hail damage repaired.

You Never Know When the Next Hailstorm Will Hit

You may think that you have time before you get your hail damage repaired. The simple truth is that you can’t be prepared for the next hailstorm or other drivers, so putting off getting auto hail damage repaired is a chance you shouldn’t take. Waiting until the end of hail season could also invalidate your insurance claim or cause your insurance company to deny paying the full cost of repairs if a second hailstorm passes though. Holding off on vehicle hail repair can lead to bigger, more expensive issues down the road – the bottom line is don’t wait!

How Should You Get Your Hail Damage Repaired?

It is important to handle auto hail damage as quickly as possible, but the issues of reduction in value due to traditional repair methods remains. If your vehicle’s paint is intact, then you likely will not have to resort to traditional repairs. This is where paintless dent repair comes in. It’s an alternative option to repair car hail damage, which only requires specialized tools to massage out each of the dents in the metal frame. Paintless dent repair doesn’t add filler to the dent; rather, it is done by reshaping the dent to its original form. It also, as the name suggests, doesn’t require any paint, a crucial factor in retaining the vehicle’s value. Despite the skill set required to properly do this, the paintless dent removal cost is significantly lower than that of traditional repairs, making it a no-brainer method of fixing your car’s hail damage as a body shop dent repair alternative.

When it comes to hail damage, think about your insurance payout, the value of your vehicle and the possibility of further damage to your car if you consider delaying or forgoing repairs. Paintless dent repair, a fast and cost-effective method, is your best option to repair any hail damage to your vehicle now and in the future. To get a free estimate for repairs today, contact Dent Shop!

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